#17 Speaking in English (2)

Practicing speaking in English is difficult. Because not only it is hard to speak a foreign language, but also there is no way to tell it is correct or not that I said. In this situation, I found a way to practice the correct way of speaking. There is an application named Convo Expression, and it provides me lots of expressions native speakers frequently use in the form of dialogue. So it is a perfect guideline to mimic here. My wife and I have uttered one dialogue a day; it only takes 15 to 20 minutes.

As I am a little bit introverted, it is hard to speak English in public. I am afraid of making errors. But I have a good friends who always correct my error with pleasure in my English speaking club. As I listen to their instruction, I tried to focus on not making the same mistakes. Recently I fixed several errors like ‘go on a trip’, ‘have a tempe’, ‘On my birtheday’. Because they are most set phrases, there is no way to be accustomed except speaking them frequently.

English learner